Health is at risk if you do not clean your home

We are all aware that cleanliness plays a critical role when it comes to our health. However, after a recent report concerning the deadly rodent-borne Hantavirus was published, we at Click Cleaning believe that house cleaning will become even more prevalent in a bid to prevent this virus from spreading.

In the report it stated that a woman cleaning a house as part of a television programme called “Hoarding: Buried Alive” has developed a respiratory illness caused by Hantavirus. Further to this, 30 film crew and neighbours have been warned to look out for symptoms. The home in Huston is currently under quarantine.

Hantavirus is a disease that is carried by rodents and contracted by inhaling particles of mice droppings or urine. When cleaning, the disease can be carried into the air, but what is more pressing is that the Hantavirus has a 40% mortality rate. It is a fatal disease that has already taken the lives of three people who stayed in infested cabins whilst visiting Yosemite National Park.

It is extremely important that your home is sanitary and pest-free. When a home is not looked after and it is inviting rodents in, health will be at risk.

It isn’t just Hantavirus that rats and mice are known for carrying – Salmonella, Murine Typhus and Leptospirosis are all infections that can be contracted from these pests.

Whenever you are cleaning using chemicals or believe that you have had a visit from an uninvited visitor we strongly recommend that you wear protective clothing such as a face mask.

At Click Cleaning we don’t just offer you a large range of cleaning supplies, we also offer advice through our guide section. No matter the cleaning task we have a step by step guide to assist you.

From ‘How to remove rust stains’ to guides that help you to employ eco-friendly cleaning, our guides are here for you to come back to whenever tough job comes up. There are also many videos for you to watch - these demonstrations can be viewed on our website or on YouTube. Take a look at our guide section today and find out how efficiently and effectively you will be able to clean the house.



Shocking Cleaning Facts

A new study conducted by Mintel has revealed some shocking facts about the state of British homes. According to the study, three in ten (27%) households hardly ever clean their windows, almost a quarter (23%) rarely clean their oven and 28% of respondents admitted that their home is frequently messy.

  •          Three in ten home use carpet shampoo
  •          12% have paid for professional carpet and upholstery cleaners
  •          One in 20 have previously used a professional cleaner
  •          A third use window cleaner
  •          14% admit to having problems with blocked sinks, drains, toilets or plugs
  •          16% would consider buying a specialist cleaner or polish for their gadgets

Despite all this there are some households that regularly clean their home, with 24% saying that they spend two and a half hours cleaning on a daily basis and 75% care about possessing a clean and presentable home.

Richard Caines, Senior Household Care Analyst at Mintel, said: “For the most part, Brits are enthusiastic cleaners, but some jobs remain too much for even the most devoted cleaner.

“Cleaning the windows and oven top the least loved tasks, and the windows of more than a quarter of adults hardly ever get cleaned, suggesting the market for window cleaners is not realising its full potential.

“Carpet cleaners have been a star performer in the household cleaning products market, sales of carpet and upholstery cleaners did well between 2010 and 2011 boosted by product innovation seen from some major brands and an effort to look after carpets as opposed to buying new floor coverings.”

The research also discovered that:

  •          The household cleaning market is valued at £1 billion
  •          The household polishes and specialist cleaning products market was worth £171 million in 2011, showing an increase of 16% between 2006 and 2011
  •          During the same time frame, furniture polish grew by 45% to £32 million
  •          Floor polish sales decreased over the same period of time by a third (33%) to £8 million

Mr Caines said: “Strong increases in the value of sales of furniture polishes and carpet cleaners suggest that consumers are willing to spend more money on products that help to protect and maintain the look of household items that are expensive for them to replace.

“In contrast to the strong performance seen in furniture polishes, sales of floor polish have declined and those people with real wood floors that need polishing represent a small minority of households.”

So come on Britain, a lot of work needs to be done, but nothing can be more rewarding than sitting in a clean home. If you’re not too sure how to go about combating rust or cleaning grout take a look at out cleaning tips and advice, there are lots of useful guides to use that will help you tackle a messy home.


Cleaning For the Olympics

If you haven’t heard, Britain will be hosting the Olympic Games beginning at the end of this month and like every good host expecting guests; many cleaning teams have been busy ensuring the country is spic and span, ready for the world’s population to come over.

One team that is getting the country ready for one of the biggest events to come to Britain is P&G who have joined forces with the Mayor of London. Together they have launched a new campaign called Capital Clean Up, which aims to encourage volunteers to clean London before the capital plays host to the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games 2012.

The official London Olympic website has also been campaigning for volunteers to join them over the course of the event. Thousands of staff across the cleaning and waste sector has been called to apply for contractor roles to help keep the grounds of the Olympic Park clean, hygienic and safe.

Cleaning the Games is a critical role to play as organisers want to ensure that spectators and visitors have a positive experience and athletes can focus on getting that all important gold medal.

Finally Hounslow volunteers have been busy clearing up the borough in time for worldly visitors to touch down on British soil. Operation Clean Sweep has already begun and volunteers are doing their utmost to keep the A4 and A312 clean.

Councillor Ruth Cadbury, Hounslow’s lead member for the 2012 Olympics, said: “Thousands of people involved in the Games will pass through Hounslow, from athletes and officials to visitors from home and abroad, and we want them to see the borough at its best.

“As well as the main routes, we’re going to be doing more intensive cleaning in town centres, outside Tube and rail stations and on other local roads that may be used as ‘gateways’ to the Games.”

Impressing visitors is what the residents of Hounslow want to do and many are offering their litter picking services to ensure that first impression expectations are met.

Councillor Colin Ellar, Hounslow’s cabinet member for environment, added: “We have a street cleaning programme in place, but for an event of this scale, when the eyes of the world will be on us, we will try to make every effort that the borough is looking its best.”

If you want to do your part for the country and begin to clean your local area in time for the Games, we here at Click Cleaning have a great range of cleaning supplies that are also available to bulk buy.


The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Regatta and Thames21

We here at Click Cleaning are conscious of the littering issues that affect the UK. A staggering 30 million tonnes of litter are removed from our streets annually and that’s in England alone. Still, not enough of us are recycling properly, which is proving to be problematic as landfills are increasingly filling up and many of our waterways are being used as an alternative. At Click Cleaning we are extremely passionate about recycling and using green alternatives whenever possible, albeit we also do stock traditional cleaning products.

The Jubilee Regatta is soon approaching and hundreds of people are expected to be lining the streets of London, but more than likely with their litter. With any public event it is safe to assume that many people will leave behind the remainders of the drinks and food that they have consumed whether by accident or as a result of neglect. Through this many charitable people come together to ensure that our streets and waterways are tidy. Chris Coode, Senior Programmes Manager of the charity, Thames21 commented: “Our schedule is always very busy at this time of year, as the weather warms up, people want to get out and enjoy their waterways, and issues are more easily tackled. Our work for the Pageant is really just one example of our on-going work to engage communities in improving their rivers and canals.”  

On June 3rd London will be hosting a Regatta to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, marking 60 years on the thrown as the monarch of Great Britain. This is something the country has not seen since the reign of Queen Victoria. It is a momentous occasion and one that deserves a pristine location, which is why Thames21 have been called upon to ensure the Jubilee is litter free. Mr Coode continued: “We have been asked specifically to co-ordinate a pre-jubilee clean-up (Thames21’s Litter-Free Jubilee on, Friday June 1) and will be holding several additional Thames clean-ups in the lead up to the Pageant to get people involved in the river and help prepare it for the Queen.”

The Thames21 charity has been running for 16 years and has found that no matter where they go in the country they always receive a high response of volunteers wishing to take part. This continued community demand highlights just how important preserving waterways and green areas are to people.

Chris Coode explained why Thames21 is extremely important for London’s waterways saying: “Footpaths and streets are the responsibility of councils. Waterways are exempt from this responsibility, which was the initial primary driver for the creation of Thames21. To an extent we have taken on this responsibility for London, we work to raise awareness of the issues our rivers and canals face, including litter, and work to encourage everybody to share in that responsibility. Our aim is to engage people in improving their waterways so that everybody can get the most out of them, and at the same time help improve the environment.”

Many local communities come together with Thames21 to help keep their area spotless and ensure that green areas remain so. Chris Coode has said that there are many community projects for people to get involved with, “We promote all of our events on and offline, notify our large volunteer database of upcoming events and work with affiliated organisations and partners to raise awareness of particular events. We anticipate that a wide range of people organisations will assist us in making the Litter-Free Jubilee a fun and effective event with a range of activities, and will also help spread the word,” he said.

Conserving the UK’s waterways is extremely important and we here at Click Cleaning praise Thames21 for their admirable work.  Our waterways, not only in the capital, but the entire country provides aquatic species the habitat that they require, offers us a quality of life in surrounding communities and ensures that we can hold events such as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Regatta.


Is AiRAM better than a Dyson?

The new cordless AiRAM vacuum cleaner by Gtech claims that it will out-perform the UK’s leading carpet cleaners whilst using a reported 95% less electricity. Where some traditional vacuums use electric motors that range between 1400W to 2400W, the AiRAM uses a low-power 100W electric motor. The most common misconception is that the bigger and more powerful the motor the better the cleaning performance. However, the AiRAM claims to rival the cleaning power of the popular Dyson machines, which on average contains a 650Watt motor.

What makes the AiRAM unique?

It’s unique because its patented technology uses a small amount of electricity while enabling fast and easy empting and delivering an unrivalled cleaning performance.

At Click Cleaning we also believe that you don’t need a large electric motor to receive the best cleaning performance. The average vacuum uses 1700W, whereas the Numatic carpet cleaners we stock use 1200W, yet possesses all the power and cleaning capabilities you would require.

The Numatic machines are a great carpet cleaning device if you want to bear in mind how much electricity you consume in the home. Although these machines don’t use the same amount of electricity as an AiRAM vacuum, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll always be provided with a fantastic cleaning performance and unparalleled quality. In the collection of carpet cleaners we at Click Cleaning stock a variety of rotary machines, extraction cleaners, scrubber driers and wet and dry vacuums.

Better for the environment

Not only can you be conscious about your electricity consumption at Click Cleaning we also know that many home owners want to be mindful of the impact some cleaning supplies have on the environment. Our range of environmentally friendly products can assist you in the cleaning methods you employ in your home.