Cleaning Up Cornwall for the Olympic Torch

As we are all aware the Olympics will be coming to London this summer and in the lead up to the main event the symbolic Olympic Torch will be travelling across British towns, cities and villages. One county the Torch will visit is Cornwall and in the run up to the Torch’s visit, the county’s authorities are urging residents to pick up the litter in a bid to clean up the event.

The ‘Clean Up Cornwall for the Olympic Torch’ campaign is led by the Clean Cornwall partnership, which includes a variety of community and voluntary organisations. Chaired by Lady Mary Holborow and with the help of the Cornwall Council, Cornwall Waste Action, Rick Stein, Visit Cornwall, Eden and the Environment Agency, the campaign aims to encourage community groups and residents to ensure Cornwall is looking its best in anticipation for the Torch’s arrival.

Steve Double, the Council’s portfolio holder for environment, waste management and shared services said: “We know that the eyes of the world will be on Cornwall for the start of the Olympic Torch Relay

“We will also have a number of visitors in Cornwall over the weekend of May 19. This is a great opportunity to show off our beautiful county and we want to do all we can, together, to make sure that Cornwall is looking its best.

“This means making a special effort to clear any litter and making our countryside, towns and villages look as clean and neat as possible - not just along the actual route of the Olympic Torch relay, but also across the whole of Cornwall.”

The partnership would like everyone to get involved, whether you clean road signs or tidy up public hedgerows and beaches, any help is welcomed.

David Owens, the Council’s Assistant Head of Environment and Waste Management said: “We hope as many people as possible will get involved by holding litter picks in the two weeks between 7 and 19 May.  

“Whether you are a local community group, such as mother and toddlers, air cadets, WI, local church, school, after school club, scout, brownie or cubs, or parish and town council, or just want to join with your family, friends or neighbours, everyone is welcome to take part.”

If you would like to get involved with the campaign e-mail



Clean Britain Awards

“The Clean Britain Awards provide an excellent platform to promote the work of the UK’s street cleansing and wastes management industry. They recognise and reward the efforts made in keeping our public spaces clean whilst truly putting the civic pride back into Britain” - Steve Lee, Chief Executive of the CIWM

The Clean Britain Awards have recently come under new ownership of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) and with new ownership comes changes and improvements.  The 2012 programme will be launching as an annual competition, changing from being biannual in hope that the Clean Britain Awards scheme will become a useful benchmark for local authorities.

The awards are now open for entries and will remain so until the closing date on 31st May in which judging will follow throughout the months of June, July and August. The award presentation will coincide with the RWM in Partnership with CIWM exhibition on Thursday 13th September at the NEC, Birmingham, the UK’s premier exhibition for resource efficiency and waste management.

Each entrant will receive a personal, unannounced visit from the judges and will be scored over a range of locations on the thirteen Clean Britain Awards criteria.

Other Changes to the Clean Britain Awards scheme

•    Changes to the entry categories for 2012 - based solely on population, divided into three bands dependant on the size of the entering local authority  
•    Additional fourth award aimed at encouraging and recognising the impact of community groups, Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and other sectors that are not from the traditional “local authority” who have a positive impact on street and local environmental quality
•    BAFTA award winning comedian, actor and impressionist Alistair McGowan has been secured as the ambassador for the Clean Britain Awards

Alistair McGowan who is extremely passionate and vocal about environmental issues will be hosting the awards ceremony in September and will also be lending a helping hand to promote the awards.

About Clean Britain Awards

The Clean Britain Awards aim to provide recognition and reward to local authorities in the areas of street cleansing and local environmental quality (LEQ), offer the opportunity for local authorities and custodians to gain an independent assessment and to encourage and promote good practice in raising the standards and instillation of civic pride.

The Clean Britain Awards ceremony will take place at a gala lunch held in the Gallery Restaurant at the NEC Birmingham on Thursday 13th September 2012 during the RWM in partnership with CIWM exhibition.


Germs are one of the biggest concerns in Britain

In recent times we have been obsessed with the idea of staying as far away from germs as possible and with such illnesses as the Norovirus we are becoming more fixated on cleanliness. In fact, market research providers, Mintel have found that 14% of people are more concerned about germs than they used to be.

There are both good and bad germs. Pathogens are the germs that we need steer clear of and in a bid to do so many of us are turning to antibacterial hand wash - 46% of those surveyed in Mintel’s research. It has also been reported that 16% regularly carry hand sanitiser with them.

Richard Caines, Mintel's senior household care analyst, said: "A clean home environment improves people's sense of wellbeing and reduces anxiety - even more so at a time when incomes are being squeezed and less money is available for going out.

"Although some people think that as a nation we're becoming too obsessed about hygiene, manufacturers still have a big opportunity to market cleaning products focused on protecting and caring for the home and family, something that has resonance with consumers."

In just one year the desire to find disinfectants that are powerful germ killers increased by 9% in Britain, which highlights how significant the concern is in this country. According to Mintel new product development is capitalising on germ phobias and their research showed the UK as the most active country with 13% of household products carrying an antibacterial claim.

It has been said that the driving force behind the rise in concern over germs is the new development of technology including laptops, smartphones and tablets. However, by simply typing in a Google search for ‘staying germ free’, technology is not the top result, instead we are bombarded with guides on how to stay germ free on a plane. The concern over germs is widespread and covers many circumstances.

If you’re concerned about germs we at Click Cleaning recommend having a hand care product with you at all times. For convenience and having the option of carrying it in your handbag without it taking up too much room we believe the PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitiser 60ml is ideal for you. A larger volume (350ml) is also available.

For advice on how to keep the office germ free, we have a range of guides for you to read including: ‘Office cleaning’ and ‘How to clean a computer keyboard’.


New germ killing vapour that could eliminate MRSA

Scientists at Queen's University could have found a vapour that will revolutionise the cleaning industry. The Kingston Whig Standard has reported that a team of scientists have been working on a concoction, which combines ozone and hydrogen peroxide with another compound to form a vapour that can eradicate bacteria.

The vapour has also showed characteristics of eliminating bed bugs, whilst leaving rooms smelling fresh. Talking about the procedure, Dr. Dick Zoutman, who developed the technology along with Dr. Michael Shannon of California-based Medizone International said; “The procedure actually mimics what antibodies do in the human body when they attack an infection”.

This new solution has also been said to kill some of the most dangerous germs around and could help to save lives. Clinical lab trials showed the gas killed all germs that it came into contact with, including deadly MRSA cells.

Talking about the advantages hospitals could benefit from, Dr. Zoutman continued: "Our best cleaning methods have limits to how much they can get rid of. The gas vapour sterilizes all hard surfaces and fabrics, including floors, walls, drapes, mattresses and chairs. The system takes between 15 and 30 minutes to disinfect an average hospital room”.

The system can be extremely useful for disinfecting a hospital room prior to the arrival of a new patient.

Zoutman continued: "The only germs in the room would be the ones they bring in themselves".


How can you tell your carpet needs a good clean?

Click Cleaning have an amazing collection of carpet cleaning productsRevitalising your carpet puts a gleam back into the home and a good clean using a carpet shampoo and protector like Scotchgard Protector will help you keep up appearances.

Every week we take to the vacuum to ensure our carpets are always well looked after. We are told, with good care a carpet can serve us for decades on end and bearing in mind the money we pay for them, we want to ensure that they do. This often requires not only a regular vacuum, but also a deep clean from time to time.

More often than not we’re made unaware of our carpet’s condition until we have treated it, startled at the difference it has made. So when is it time to clean your carpet?

As soon as you recognise a change in colour or shade in your carpet, you know it time to retire the vacuum and utilise your carpet cleaning tools.  Another tell-tell sign can be found in the condition of the fibres. A good clean is required when the fibres begin to feel sticky and dust begins to rise.

Below we have culled together our carpet cleaning essentials to ensure you can maintain a carpet that always looks in good knick. All the products below are sourced from the well known brand Prochem, who provides some of the industry’s leading cleaning products.

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