Why Choose Prochem

Prochem cleaning products are available from Click CleaningProchem was founded in 1974 and has been providing some of the industry’s leading cleaning products for over 40 years, becoming a firm favourite amongst homeowners and cleaning companies. From the popular Prochem coffee stain remover to the extensive carpet cleaning range, you'll find everything you could possibly need to get the gleaming results you’re after.

We here at Click Cleaning specialise in stocking the best supplies on the market today, which is why Prochem is part of our extensive range of cleaning supplies.

The Prochem range is designed to tackle the most challenging and demanding cleaning tasks, no matter the stain or mess with the help of our Prochem products you’ll be able to clean it up in no time.

You will find an incredible range of cleaning supplies by Prochem including carpet cleaners, cleaning kits, odour control, upholstery products, pre-sprays, stain removal products, specialist cleaners and much more.

One of the most popular Prochem ranges available is the cleaning kit range. These kits are a great choice for professionals as well as for domestic users as they cover a range of stain removal products. The Prochem Spot Remover Kit for instance gives you the power to remove the toughest of stains including grease, gum, coffee and food spoilage.

For those looking to give their carpet a new burst of life there is an extensive range of carpet cleaning supplies including the ever so popular Prochem Fibre & Fabric Rinse. It’s ideal to use on a range of carpets including wool, oriental rugs, cotton and natural fibre upholstery fabrics as well as synthetic fibres.

Take a look at our full range of Prochem cleaning products and see what stains you can remove without any elbow grease.


Westminster Kingsway College’s National Cleaning Academy

Over recent years the cleaning sector has become a thriving industry and has now encouraged a new programme to help those working in the cleaning industry, develop further in their careers.

A new National Cleaning Academy in central London has recently been launched by Westminster Kingsway College to provide training and development for businesses and employees. The Academy will be launched in partnership with commercial cleaning service provider, Not Just Cleaning (NJC).

The aim is to raise the standards of cleaning and provide training through their Apprenticeships in Cleaning Services and training programmes, providing learners with the opportunity to develop their skills and progress further in their careers.

Not Just Cleaning (NJC) is a commercial cleaning service provider who operates in London and the South East with over 500 cleaning operatives.  NJC has also achieved the Investors in People Standard recognising their commitment to their staff development, which can be said to have swayed the partnership with the Westminster Kingsway College.

Ray Shilling, Head of Employer Training Solutions at Westminster Kingsway College, said: “The launch of the National Cleaning Academy at Westminster Kingsway College in partnership with Not Just Cleaning (NJC) will give a new focus to professional training and development for the Cleaning Services industry. We are very excited to be working with a partner who can provide industry expertise that will complement the professional training that we provide in this sector.”

Peter Heppelthwaite, Director at London Services from Not Just Cleaning (NJC), said: “The partnership with Westminster Kingsway College represents a fantastic opportunity for NJC to share its knowledge and expertise and to raise industry training standards through the National Cleaning Academy. It will provide the conduit for cleaners to obtain meaningful, recognised qualifications that can lead to further career progression.”


Protective clothing and gloves

Protective clothingHealth and safety plays an imperative part in all sectors, but even more so in the commercial cleaning industry as the nature of the job entails dealing with chemicals on a daily basis. Protective clothing and gloves are an essential part to your uniform, especially as some cleaning products can be abrasive.

At Click Cleaning you will find a great range of gloves and protective clothing that includes disposable coveralls and aprons, paper dust masks and a variety of gloves that will suit most commercial cleaning tasks. Many of the products are also available to bulk buy, allowing you to provide your staff with all the necessary clothing and save money.

Not only has safety been thought of in the design of these products, the comfort of your employees has as well. Nothing is worse than wearing mandatory clothing that is uncomfortable and it doesn’t motivate staff to wear the apparel throughout the working day. This is why such products like our safety goggles are manufactured with comfort in mind; these goggles are constructed with extra material that acts as a cushion around the wearer’s eyes.

You will find an extensive range of protective clothing enabling you to adhere to all health and safety regulations. Take a look at our full range of gloves and protective clothing to see what we can provide for you and your staff.

If you have any queries about our products please contact one of our friendly team members on 0845 680 1955, we’re happy to take your call.


New self-cleaning cotton can kill bacteria and break down pesticides

A new self-cleaning cotton fabric has been developed by scientists at the University of California Davis (UC Davis). It’s an extraordinary material as it has also been proved to kill bacteria and break down toxic chemicals.

The fabric has become a recent revelation that has sparked multiple ideas for its use including: clothing for the military, employees in the food processing sector, farm workers, those who work within the health care sector and  as protective clothing used in the cleaning industry.

The work was conducted by Ning Lui and funded by the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Defence Threat Reduction Agency and the Jastro Shields Graduate Research Fellowship from the UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Scientists.

According to a recent report Ling, a doctoral student in Professor Gang Sun’s group in the UC Davis Division of Textiles and Clothing developed the method to blend the compound 2 AQC with cotton fibres. Unlike any other self-cleaning agents we see on the market today, this chemical forms a strong bond to the cellulose in the cotton, which makes it extremely hard to wash off, whilst being ineffective to other properties of the fabric.

The Science Behind it

According to scientists, when 2 AQC is exposed to light a reactive oxygen species is produced, which kills bacteria and breaks down organic compounds such as pesticides and other toxins. These species include hydroxyl radicals and hydrogen peroxide. However, researchers have said there are cheaper equivalents to 2 AQC available.

With its bacteria killing property it could also be used as the material for cloths and cleaning accessories we use on a daily basis.


What’s in your cleaning cupboard?

Over recent years we have seen an increase in asthma and allergies, which has triggered concerns over the chemicals in products we use on a daily basis, such as cleaning supplies.

Whether you share these concerns or not, it’s worth finding out more about the ingredients in average household cleaning products and how they could affect you. There are many chemicals used in traditional products, but below you’ll find a list of the most common:


Perchlorethylene can be found in some carpet and upholstery shampoos as well as in paint remover formulas.

Dangers: Is said to be bad for the kidneys, liver and is a nervous system depressant. Repeated exposure also causes symptoms such as headaches and dizziness.

These dangers occur with repeated or chronic exposure.
Perchlorethylene has low toxicity.


Ammonia is mainly used in agriculture as a fertiliser, but can also be found in both commercial and domestic cleaning products. Commercial or industrial products use approximately 25% ammonia in their formulas, whereas 5-10% ammonia can be found in household products.

Dangers: Inhaling low levels of ammonia can cause symptoms of coughing and nose and throat irritation. The chemical can also cause irritation when it comes into contact with skin and eyes.

NEVER MIX AMMONIA AND CHLORINE BLEACH – this will release the poisonous gas, Chlorine gas.


Phosphates are found in laundry and dishwasher detergents, but primarily used as a water softener.

Dangers: Phosphates are also fertilisers and so when this chemical is washed away, it dissipates into rivers, promoting algae growth and thus polluting the natural ecology of the water.


Triclosan can be found in cleaning products and other household goods.

Dangers: Triclosan is suspected to have damaging effects to human health. Statements made by several major British retailers have said they hope to phase it out of their available products. It is dangerous due to it characteristic to kill friendly bacteria.


Chlorine is in bleach, but originates as a poisonous gas used in the Great War.

Dangers: Low levels of exposure are considered safe as chlorine is present as a disinfectant in water. However, it has been argued that consistent low levels of exposure can weaken the lungs.

NEVER MIX OTHER CLEANING PRODUCTS THAT COULD CONTAIN CHLORINE – this can produce toxic fumes consisting of chlorine gas, chloramine and nitrogen trichloride.

To accommodate those who are environmentally conscious, Click Cleaning supplies an extensive selection of environmentally friendly products as well as traditional.

Click Cleaning’s Environmental Friendly product range includes well known brands such as: UltraDose, Acorn and EcoForce.

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