New government measures for Apprenticeships and Career Development

Cleaning ApprenticeshipsA positive sign for the British cleaning industry is the news that the government has announced measures to fund an extra 35,000 apprentices as part of a £1bn national investment. With a budget of £140m the Asset Skills Council will deliver apprentices nationally in both the private and public cleaning sectors. The current recession is looking to hit young people both school leavers and university graduates hard with companies less likely to invest in new, relatively untrained staff. These measures from the government are dedicated to insuring that the current young generation have the opportunity to move into full time employment.

Also the news that professional and career development loans will be increased from £15,000 to £45,000 has been met with positive reactions, the government is obviously looking to invest in training and apprentices during the current economic recession and these measures should help to improve working conditions and opportunities over the next few years.


Health And Safety (Offences) Act 2008 - How will it effect you?

Health & Safety Act 2008As of the January 2009 the new Health and Safety Offences Act 2008 came into effect, the act will have the effect of increasing the penalties for breaking health and safety laws and also provide courts with greater sentencing powers and the ability to impose higher fines for some health and safety offences. Some of the Act’s main points are,

  • Increasing the maximum fine in the Magistrate Courts to £20,000 for most health and safety offences.
  • Imprisonment an option for more health and safety offences in both the Magistrate Court and the Crown Courts without the need for indictment.
  • Certain offences are now triable not only in the Magistrate Courts but now in the Crown Courts which can result in longer sentences and larger fines.

A full Health and Safety (Offences) Act 2008 is available to view on the Office of Public Sector Information website at


Get kitted out! Essential cleaning kits for professionals

Prochem Spot Remover KitOne of the greatest problems for cleaning professionals is the massive variety of troublesome stains that can arise during the working day, this makes having an adaptable set of stain removal products essential. For certain stains’, having the right product is the only way to get the job done and completed to the customers satisfaction. If you came across nail varnish, rust, dyes or chewing gum would you have the products to deal with the problem stain?

One of the most proven ways of dealing with the wide variation of stains that cleaners encounter is to choose the right cleaning kit. Prochem produce some of the most effective and adaptable stain removal products available and cleaning kits such as the ‘magnificent seven’ or the professional spotting kit give professionals the tools to complete their work to the highest of standards. The Prochem Spot remover kit contains four spotting agents effective on many common household stains including a natural spot remover, blood and protein remover and a grease and tar remover. The Prochem ‘essentials’ kit includes the four best selling Prochem products, the stain pro 1litre, the citrus gel liquid spot remover, the coffee stain remover and the urine neutraliser 1 litre. The Prochem ‘magnificent seven’ expands on this list with products such as the Red RX and the lemon refresh 1 litre concentrated fragrance additive, containing a great variation of solvents and water based products to help you deal with almost any problem.

The Prochem professional spotting kit is another great addition to the Prochem range with a wide selection of stain removal products included in a useful carry case. The kit also includes additional accessories such as pH papers, spotting brushes & neoprene gloves to help with any stain removal situation and creating one of the best cleaning kits around.

Choosing the right selection of cleaning products is central to all cleaning professionals and with Prochem you have one of the most proven selections of cleaning products available, all kits are specifically selected to provide the best and most adaptable cleaning products available making you adaptable enough to deal with all cleaning situations.

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