Cleaning the tiles of Liverpool’s St George's Hall 

Find floor cleaning supplies at Click CleaningLiverpudlian council cleaners have undertaken one of the biggest cleaning jobs we have come across. The team have been committed to cleaning each of the 30,000 mosaic tiles featured in St George’s Hall’s handmade Minton floor. The room spans across a 169ft long and 74ft wide and for a limited time only, tourists can once again marvel at its beauty.

St George’s Hall in Liverpool is a Grade-I listed building and home to the truly spectacular, handmade Minton floor. Two years ago the Hall opened its doors to 25,000 tourists in its last viewing and during 7th to 22nd January it is, once again showing off one of Liverpool’s finest treasures.

Facts about St George’s Hall and the Minton floor

•    Houses a concert organ complete with 7,000 pipes, which is second in size to the Royal Albert Hall’s organ
•    In 1852 the floor was laid
•    The floor was usually covered by a wooden platform to preserve it when events took place in the 1860s
•    The design features sea nymphs, tritons and boys on dolphins to reflect Liverpool’s sea-faring history as well as featuring the city’s coat of arms
•    The Hall played a central part in Liverpool’s bid to become the European Capital of Culture back in 2008
•    The Hall was closed in the 1980s, but was reopened after a £23 million refurbishment in 2007
•    The Hall was originally opened as  multipurpose building in 1854
•    More than 25,000 people gathered outside the Hall when John Lennon died
•    In 1854, when the floor was uncovered more than 100,000 people queued outside in hope to cast their eyes upon it

The Hall and its floor has such a deep and fascinating history, we’re happy we are not the ones with the responsibility to clean it. However, we would love to have a go at restoring it to its former glory. Just imagine how intricate the mosaic is and equally how careful you would have to be to clean it. We’re sure no ordinary products are being used to clean it either as hardly any chemicals can be used to ensure the colours are preserved. What products do you think they would be using, maybe some environmentally friendly ones?


Reducing the power of vacuums

Europe’s energy saving and environmental protection policy reduces the power of vacuumsOver recent years we have seen an increase in many energy saving initiatives from the government. Since the passing of these proposals it has encouraged many organisations and households to do what they can to help the environment and reduce energy.

Now the European commission and European bureaucrats have created the Europe’s energy saving and environmental protection policy to reduce the maximum power of vacuum cleaners in a bid to save energy.

Although the cleanliness of some households may suffer, cost savings is one reward we would love to reap. The current economic state going greener may result in the reduction of energy costs. However, it is health issues that are reining the counter argument. According to the Telegraph, ‘manufacturers say it could also reduce cleaners' ability to remove fine particles from the air they pump back into the atmosphere, potentially leading to nasty side-effects for allergy and asthma sufferers.’

With many issues being raised, the European commission may have to redraft their proposal. 


Dinner party cleaning essentials

Cleaning Essentials for a Dinner PartyWe all know the biggest cleaning job of a dinner party is the washing up. With glasses having to be refreshed and plates replaced to serve a different course, the washing up can mount up. So why not keep on top of the load by using a washing up liquid that offers glistening results every time? Keeping on top of things throughout the event, means you will have a relaxing night offering you the opportunity to reminisce about the dinner party.

If you’re searching for a top of the range washing up liquid, Click Cleaning can offer you one of the best liquids on the market today as well as an environmentally friendly alternative. Citrol Lemon Washing Up Liquid produces a long-lasting foam to combat greasy dishwashing problems, perfect for cleaning up baking trays used to roast vegetables. Whereas the Ecoforce Washing Up Liquid is a readily biodegradable neutral detergent that provides an effective finish, whilst being gentle on the skin.

Washing up by hand can be a green way of ensuring your crockery is kept sparkling clean as long as the sink is filled and no additional water is run. However, according to a study by the University of Bonn in Germany, a dishwasher can be more eco-friendly as it uses less water (up to 35% less). So if you will be running a dishwasher for your dinner party, we’re sure you’re going to love these products from Finish:

Finish Classic 3in1 Dishwasher Tablets

Finish Rinse Aid

Finish Special Salt

Finish Dishwasher TRIPLE PACK

However, there are many other cleaning jobs that need to be completed over the course of the day before the guests arrive, which makes this essential list one of the most useful guides around. Not only is there washing up to do, you also need to tidy and throw away all the food preparation waste and have stain removal products around you just in case there is an accidently spill! Here are the top products we believe you should have around the house ready for your dinner party:

Acorn Green Bin Liner Clear/Printed

Biodegradable Refuse Sacks

Prochem Spot Remover Kit 


Washing up in the New Year

Dishwasher tablets that give a gleaming FinishNew Year’s resolutions often involve tidying, clearing and cleaning, and the kitchen can be a good place to start, especially after Christmas, one of the most highly celebrated days in the world, filled with laughter and joy, but something else is always filled and it’s not so pleasurable. The kitchen sink. If you have become aware of this over the last couple of years, you’re sure to have invested in one machine many households can’t live without, a dishwasher. These are most certainly a useful machine to have, especially when trying to tidy up in the New Year.

If you pack it throughout the day it helps keep the kitchen surfaces clean and clear of clutter and allows you to spend quality time with family and friends. However, some dishwasher tablets don’t always give you the results you want, glasses can look dull and there is the occasion where part of the tablet is left cemented on a plate. However, with Finish, you’re sure to get the diamond shine every time.  At Click Cleaning we understand how irritating it can be to find your dishes in a less than desirable state after being in the dishwasher and that’s why we stock the well known brand, Finish. For Christmas Day you want things to run smoothly, including the washing up, so why not make sure that happens with the help of our Finish Dishwasher Triple Pack? Everything you could need to ensure that diamond shine finish can be found in this pack including, Finish PowerBall Classic Tablets, Finish Rinse Aid and Finish Special Salt.

So save the washing up for another day and while you’re at it, save the environment too. Did you know your household could be a lot greener using a dishwasher? Running a dishwasher fully loaded, particularly if dishes aren’t pre-rinsed, uses about 35% less water than washing dishes by hand. A study conducted by the University of Bonn in Germany found that hand-washing dishes uses between five and 86 gallons of water compared to four to five gallons for the average European dishwasher

With the help of Click Cleaning, this New Year is sure to be a good one, with limited time taken to wash and clean.


P&G Professional(TM) Survey Reveals Cleaning Industry Is Surviving Tough Economy by Improving Efficiencies with Multipurpose Products and Reduced Staff

P&G (Procter & Gamble) Professional has released the findings of their nation survey ‘2011 Cleaning Industry Insights’. The survey was conducted to explore the attitudes, perceptions and behaviours of 400 cleaning industry professionals and decision makers in relation to the current economic climate and in-house or contract cleaning services.

According to the findings of the survey 75% of total respondents prefer to improve the bottom line of their businesses to ‘find ways to become more efficient’. It also found that six out of ten respondents indicated that their business had adopted the approach of ‘doing more with less’ by ‘doing more or the same amount of work with less employees’.

However, the remaining four out of ten have said they have taken on the same approach when it comes to the internal products they use, such as using multipurpose products. This suggests that quality and versatility are key consideration when wanting to combat the latest challenges brought on by the current economic climate. 48% of respondents indicated 'versatility of use' as best defining value when it comes to cleaning products, whereas 40% selected 'high-quality or effectiveness,' compared to 13% who selected 'low price' as best in defining value. 

Multipurpose cleaning supplies your business maybe interested in:

Not only has there been a shift in the desired products to help improve businesses’ bottom lines, the overall workforce have been reconsidered in many circumstances.  According to the survey many decision makers have been feeling the pressure from the economic climate. They have responded by effectively managing operating costs by cutting back on office supplies, staff perks and benefits, inventory and resources. Whereas, 28% reported their business has cut back on 'staff, such as laying off employees'.

Surveyed professionals indicated they would rather 'find ways to become more efficient,' than 'raise prices for clients or customers,' which could result in a higher demand for multipurpose cleaning products. According to the survey the most helpful element when it comes to performing their cleaning services would be:

  • 'Products that get the job done the first time’ (47%)
  • 'Products that work quickly' (30%)
  • 'A simpler routine that all staff can get accustomed to' (25%)

Click Cleaning is an online cleaning store with over 30 years experience in the sector. They aim to supply customers with top quality products that do the job they’re required to do at a price that will save money. There is a fantastic range of Multipurpose cleaning products from manufacturers including Selden, Clover Chemicals and Jeyes Professional.